Survivor Affirmation: Change Helps Me Grow

I welcome change with open arms.

Adapting to new conditions helps me to grow.

I seek out different perspectives and constructive feedback.

I talk with friends, family, and mentors about how they coped with similar experiences. I create a network of contacts that provide me with encouragement and support.

I take sensible risks.
I patiently accept my losses and focus on what I must gain.

Overcoming an occasional setback is better than remaining stuck in place.

I challenge conventional wisdom.

I strive to be authentic even if it means making unusual choices.

I break free from stale routines.

I adopt habits that make me happy and successful.

I deepen my connection with others. I listen attentively to what my loved ones have to say. I express my gratitude and appreciation. I share personal information about myself. I reach out to make new friends.

I volunteer for greater responsibility at work. I sign up for additional training and take on challenging assignments. I join committees where I can participate in important decisions and develop my leadership abilities.

I use my free time more productively. I engage in activities that keep my mind and body sharp and fit. I play sports, work on my hobbies, and add to my knowledge and skills.

Today, I turn my life around. I view my situation from a new angle and figure out what I need to do to move ahead. I embrace change as an opportunity for growth and enrichment.

Talking with Myself:

1. How does discomfort help me to grow?
2. What are the advantages of doing something that is a little scary?
3. How do I define being adventurous?

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