6 Ways Asking for Help Enriches Your Life

I realize that in our society, it is almost fashionable to come down on someone in need.  

Unfortunately, this keeps millions upon millions of Survivors in locked an endless cycle of shame, guilt, depression, hopelessness, anger, and confusion. 

I’m afraid that the reality is that there will always be when a Survivor reaches out for help, someone will be there to minimize their pain, mock their pain, ignore their pain, and even laugh at their pain.  

But it is also true that when another Survivor reaches out for help, someone will be there to hear their pain, discuss their pain, pray over their pain, and hope for an end to their pain. 

I can’t tell you which Survivor you will be.  I can’t tell you whether you the date, place or time that you might find yourself in the role of listener.  

I can tell you that the great news is that there is always hope! There is hope as long as we keep on asking questions.  We can even disagree, as long as we keep asking. 

To remind you of this today and every day, I am attaching a FREE download to this post.  

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