=== Gulp! ===

Contributors: PLR.me
Tags: importer, plr, articles, mass, bulk
Requires at least: 2.7
Tested up to: 4.1
Stable tag: 1.0

This plugin lets you to import articles, schedule and categorize them in bulk.

== Description ==
Copying and pasting PLR articles into WordPress is a chore. Using this plugin, you can import many articles at one go.

== Installation ==
1. After downloading the plugin, extract it to your computer.
2. Using your favorite FTP program, upload the plugin to your WordPress site, into the /wp-content/plugins folder
3. Login to your site, go to Plugins, find Gulp! and activate it.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= What type of files does it import? =
Each article must be in it’s own individual plain .txt file. The first line must consist of the article title followed by a blank line and the content. All these .txt files need to be zipped into one ZIP file. If still unsure, refer to the example ZIP file and its contents.

= The plugin won’t upload my files, something about zip_open =
This plugin requires zip_open which is a feature that is installed in many web hosts’ PHP. If you run into this problem, contact your web host to ask if zip_open is installed. If not, you might want to ask them to install it.

Please know that zip_open is not something we can install for you nor can you install it yourself in most cases especially on shared web hosting accounts. We do not have any further server configuration files. The best way is to work with your web host. Alternatively, you can contact us via http://techbasedsupport.com for premium level support and we will work together.

== Usage ==
1. Prepare your articles as outlined in the FAQ’s above. We recommend All Private Label Articles. They deliver their products in the required format so there’s no extra work on your part.
2. Log in to your WordPress site as Admin, in the menu on your left, there should be a new menu Gulp. Click that.
3. Click Browse… to find the ZIP file with all the articles you want to upload and click Upload Zip for Processing.
4. If you’d like to change the date and time you want the articles to start posting, click the fields to select the date and enter the time.
5. Enter the interval between each article. For example if you want to post everyday, enter 24.
6. If you’d like to assign all articles to a particular author, select the author and click Apply. You can also assign the authors to each article individually below.
7. If you’d like to assign all articles to a particular category, select the category and click Apply. You can also assign the category to each article individually below.
8. If you’d like to set all articles as Scheduled, Draft or Page, click the appropriate button. You can also set these options for each article individually below. Note: Page will import your articles as a Page not post.
9. Once you’re satisfied with your selections, click Process Articles.
10. The plugin will let you know the results of your import.
11. Done.

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