Write for WESurviveAbuse

Readers of include victims, Survivors,
people who love them, and people who want to help them. 


⇨Blog post length 400-800 words.  Longer will be made into a series.
⇨As much as you are comfortable, please note your background to allow readers to understand your perspective
⇨Please proofread your posts for grammar, spelling, and clarity.
⇨Section headings are helpful, but not required.

⇨Consider whether you should write anonymously or using a pseudonym to minimize personal or professional risks.  

Subject Suggestions:
Please share your
lessons and wisdom….

✤Please tell us about any books, films, other media that you
would recommend for Survivors, parents, friends, family etc….
✤What has been the biggest obstacle to your/ or someone’s
What are your thoughts on ………..
✦PTSD/Complex PTSD?
✦Substance abuse?
✦Mental illness?
 Thinking about
domestic violence, and also how it connects with sexual violence.

✣Did an experience with domestic violence complicate your ✣healing or help-seeking?
✣Were you a child who witnessed domestic violence in the home?
✣Were you a victim of domestic violence?
✣What healing methods did you find effective?
✣What healing methods did you find ineffective?
✣Can you offer any advice about seeking help?
Please tell us about your positive/negative or evolving
experience with:

✤Counselors, Therapists,
✤Psychiatrists, Coaches
✤Faith community
✤Law Enforcement
✤Medical Personnel
✤Relationship partners
✤Employers, employees, places of employment
✤Insurance companies

Did they aid or stand in the way of your healing? How society make things

Is there someone you encountered on your healing journey who you would like to